Digital Vita


M.A. Ethnomusicology, Memorial University of Newfoundland
4.0 GPA, 86.6 Average

B.A. Women and Gender Studies, Michigan State University

Current Work

Fieldwork Coordinator, 2015-present
Michigan Traditional Arts Program (MTAP), Michigan State University Museum

My relationship with MTAP began in 2012 as an undergraduate student at MSU. I’ve been fortunate enough to have stayed affiliated with the program on and off until 2015, when I began working full-time as fieldworker then fieldwork coordinator. As an MTAP team member, I’ve been involved in many long-standing MTAP projects and new initiatives.

Fieldwork: I undertake fieldwork on various folklife topics (e.g. fiddle music, instrument building, dance calling, shape note singing, fiber arts and activism) in Michigan. I rely on interviews, oral histories, and participant observation, with audio and video documentation.

Fieldwork Coordination: I hire short-term fieldworkers who carry out research on a specific folklife topic in Michigan.